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Mercer Film Group provides Post Production consulting services for Crystal Cathedral - Garden Grove 2009

In 2008, Dr. Robert H. Schuller stepped down as Senior Pastor of The Crystal Cathedral. However, he remains a force in the church as he continues to build a museum inside the Visitor's Center documenting his incredible journey as Founder and Pastor of one of the world's largest and most succesful mega-churches in America.

Schuller began his Orange County ministry in 1955 with $500 and an outdoor pulpit atop the snack bar at the Orange Drive-in Theater. He went on to build his landmark 2,000 seat Crystal Cathedral, opening its doors in 1980.

Today his services known as "The Hour of Power" are broadcast in HD and seen by approximately 10 million viewers worldwide. It began in 1970 and now comprises of over 2,000 hours of broadcast material. Interviews of guests range from luminaries and politicians, healers and thinkers from the last 30 years.

Schuller recognized the need for his congregation along with visitors to the museum to be able to access this material from a new portal being custom built for the church.

Both the messages and interviews over the last 38 years will be made available to visitors at kiosks in the museum and across the web using state-of-the art techology provided by Apple and its Final Cut Server.

Mercer Film Group is proud to be providing post production services and consulting for this new and innovative installation and portal.


Mercer Film Group announces support for the Red Camera workflow.

Los Angeles 2009

Scott Arundale announced that his company will now support Red Camera workflow using both the Avid Nitris DX (along with Content Agent) as well as using Final Cut Pro. (more)